Jim Tarnick for Nebraska Public Power District

Putting the "Public" Back in Public Power

Tarnick_portrait_500.jpgJim Tarnick is a candidate for Nebraska Public Power District, Subdivision 7. 

Jim is a farmer and rancher who owns and runs a 1000-acre crop farm and cattle operation in Nance County. Between the farm and cows, he manages 1580 acres that he owns or rents. Much of the owned land has been in his family for 130 years.

Jim is a strong proponent for clean solar and wind energy, and has been active in the fight against eminent domain and Keystone XL — as the pipeline route is slated to run as close as 150 feet from his farmhouse.

The Tarnick farm sits on a porous sandy and corrosive alkali soil with a water table that runs 3-5 feet from the surface of the ground. Jim is concerned about oil spills that could endanger his livelihood, and the land and water he and his family have stewarded for generations.